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Revolutions UK (England)

"This is an album book ended by two songs which are at polar opposites. In 'Itch', our heroine is tired of the same old town and heads out on the road intent on seizing life with both hands. By the time album closer 'When I Get Home' comes around, the pockets are empty and the clothes are dirty but 'everything's gonna be alright / When I get home'. In between we meet other characters at different stages on the same journey. In 'I Wanna Be Rich' the opportunity of a comfortable existence is passed up in favour of the chance to be obscenely wealthy, even at the expense of a life of crime, while 'Clear A Path's fleeing lover is heading for the state line because her relationship has turned as stale as last night's beer. 'Tijuana Waltz' sees reverse charge calls being made and by 'If I Had Wings', death seems preferable to separation from a loved one. These terrific songs are given a rousing beer hall blues, and roadhouse rocking accompaniment by the band who have learned their chops in and beyond their native San Francisco. The album has such a great live feel that for a moment I imagined myself with elbow on the bar and beer in hand. Heaven!"

- John Lonergan

Cri du Coyote (France)

"Leopard hat, long chestnut hair verging on blond, a full-throttle look, Jenny Kerr with the face of a rocker pure and simple. Honed vocal cords (like that of Mrs. Rossington or Pat Mears – Texas musician and author of a superb disc about ten years ago…) backed by a driving sound of fine musicians (ranging from guitar to accordion with passing tracks by pedal steel, violin and of course the inevitable infectious rhythm) Jenny perpetuates the tradition of rocker-girls with the Jenny Kerr Band. Mini CD (2nd) released on her own label (Jennyco) and recorded in San Francisco has a completely honest production with an inimitable R ' n' B touch when the girls get in the mix. Rock-solid and enjoyable rock'n'roll-blues-funk."

"Chapeau léopard, longs cheveux chatains tirant sur le blond, un faciès de fonceuse, Jenny Kerr a la gueule de l'emploi; rockeuse pure et dure. Cordes vocales affutés (comme celle de Mme Rossington ou Pat Mears - musicienne texane auteur d'un superbe disque voici dix ans...) epaulée de gaillards pétrissant une matière sonore consistante (de la guitare a l'accordéon en passant par la pedal steel, le violon et bien sûr l'inevitable rythmique bien trempée) Jenny perpétue la tradition rockeuses qui en ont avec son The Jenny Kerr Band. Un mini CD (le 2ème) realisée sur son label (Jennyco) enregistré à San Francisco et d'une production tout à fait honnête cette touche R 'n' B inimitable quand les filles s'en mêlent. Un mortier rock-blues-funk solide et plaisant."

- Remi Billet

Alt Country NL (The Netherlands)

"Jenny Kerr is an all around artist from San Francisco who delivers her debut album Itch, something in between a full and a mini-album. The eight songs on the record show a mix of powerful rock (hear the guitar solo of Phil Milner on the title track), even more powerful swamp blues-rock (Pony, Mississippi Delta), fast version of that (Clear a Path), sweet country ( I Wanna Be Rich), sunny Mexican tones (Tijuana Waltz), romantic country (If I Had Wings), closed with a fiery song called When I Get Home, where blues-rock (guitars) and folk (banjo) melting together. Newcomer Jenny Kerr lets us hear we have to take her seriously, but she will also have to make a decision in the future between all the styles she's showing now. In that case I put my cards on her rough blues-rock sound, because that's where she's simply at her best."

"Jenny Kerr is een allround artieste uit San Francisco, die met Itch haar debuut aflevert, een cd tussen mini en volwaardig. De acht nummers laten een mix horen van stevige rock (de solo van Phil Milner op opener en titelsong Itch), nog krachtigere soulrijke zompige bluesrock (Pony, Missisippi Delta), een versnelde versie daarvan (Clear A Path), zoet-lieve country (I Wanna Be Rich), zonrijke Mexicaanse tonen (Tijuana Waltz), romantische country (If I Had Wings), afgesloten met het flitsende When I Get Home waarop bluesrock (gitaren) en folk (banjo) samensmelten. Nieuwkomer Jenny Kerr laat horen dat ze meetelt, maar zal in de toekomst wel moeten durven kiezen tussen al die stijlen die ze nu bezingt. En dan zet ik mijn kaarten op de ruige bluesrock, want daarmee komt ze, zeker met haar stem, het beste uit de voeten."

- Bart Ebisch

Roots Highway (Italy)

"Quite a lovely little character this Jenny Kerr! It's just a shame that the second independent work is only EP length, rather than a complete album, (just over 30 minutes), because the talent is there, but we'd like to see her go the distance. However, in these short thirty minutes, Itch stacks up, crooning rock and roll with a touch of country and southern influence which is a pleasure to listen to and which gives us a new rocker to follow closely: with precise thrusts, great production behind her and some important names in the rock circuit to drive her, she could be ready to make herself heard.

Hailing from the San Francisco, she takes advantage of an experienced backing band that knows alternately when to raise the volume and rock, and when to wrap itself in the subdued garb of a roots band. Hats off, then, to Phil Milner (producer of the disc along with Kerr herself), Marisa Martinez, Kenny Green, and Charles Gasper, partners in crime with Jenny's, who writes all of the pieces herself (with the exception of Bobby Gentry's forceful rock/blues piece "Mississippi Delta") and plays guitar, banjo, harmonica, and dobro. The band is decidedly above average; in eight pieces, they don't need to fill as the Jenny Kerr band sifts through the diverse styles of American music. Itch and Pony prove to be a nice blast of country rock. "When I get home" has more the flavor of alternative country, with the haunting banjo in the background; "I Wanna be Rich" is played out of the usual country vein; "Mississippi Delta" and "Clear a Path" slide into the swamps of the Delta, while in Tijuana Waltz, our girl finds the time to slip in a romantic border song."

"Proprio un bel caratterino questa Jenny Kerr! Peccato solo che il suo secondo lavoro indipendente abbia una durata da ep più che da vero e proprio disco fatto e finito (neanche trenta minuti), perchè il talento c'è, eccome se c'è, ma ci piacerebbe osservarla e giudicarla più sulla lunga distanza. Comunque, nei suoi trenta minuti scarsi, Itch regge alla grande, gracchia un rock'n'roll dalla sfumature country e sudiste che è un piacere ascoltare e ci presenta una nuova rocker da seguire con attenzione: con le giuste spinte, una buona produzione alle spalle e qualche nome importante del circuito roots ad appoggiarla potrebbe presto dire la sua.

"Lei proviene dalla zona di San Francisco e si avvale di una backing band navigata, che sa alternativamente alzare il volume e far girare un'ottima rock song, così come calarsi nei panni più dimessi di una roots band. Applausi dunque a Phil Milner (produttore del disco in coppia con la stessa Kerr), Marisa Martinez, Kenny Green e Charles Gasper, compagni d'avventura di Jenny, la quale compone tutti i brani, eccezione fatta per il grintoso rock-blues di Mississippi Delta, a firma Bobby Gentry, e suona chitarra, banjo, armonica e dobro. La media è decisamente alta, su otto episodi non si riscontrano riempitivi e la Jenny Kerr band passa al setaccio le diverse facce dell'american music: la stessa Itch e Pony sfoggiano un bel tiro country-rock; When I get home ha più della marcetta alternative-country con quell'ossessivo banjo in sottofondo; I Wanna be rich suona demodè nelle sue storiche sonorità country; la citata Mississippi Delta e Clear a patch si infilano nelle paludi del Delta, mentre in Tijuana Waltz la nostra ragazza trova anche il tempo di infilare una border song strappalacrime."

- Fabio Cerbone

Roadtracks (Germany)

"Learning years... these lie behind for Jenny Kerr, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from San Francisco. She plays guitar, Banjo, harmonica, piano and dobro nearly perfectly. She wrote her first song when she was 14, and has published 2 self-produced independent albums so far. After achieving some local fame in the Bay Area, successfully sharing the stage with Sam Bush, Tim Easton or QS Messenger Service (which is performing still), the time is ripe for her 'journeyman' project, called 'Itch' With a very confident backup band, Jenny sings a wide spectrum of what is called 'Americana'.

"Through her soulful blues voice, she gives even an old fashioned country waltz like 'I Wanna Be Rich' a Mississippi feeling; Tijuana Waltz is a beautiful, accordion accompanied Tex Mex ballad; If I Had Wings, a song that would also suit Emmylou Harris, and the rest are 'country stompers', which she has written perfectly to suit her soulful voice. In my judgment, a most satisfying effort."

"Lehrjahre....die liegen hinter Jenny Kerr, einer aus San Francisco stammenden Songwriterin und Mulitinstrumentalistin.Gitarre, Banjo, Mundharmonica, Piano und Dobro spielt sie nahezu perfekt, mit vierzehn schrieb sie ihren ersten Song, und veröffentlichte bis dato zwei selbstproduzierte Independentplatten.Nach dem man es zu lokalem Ruhm in der Bay Area gebracht hat, erfolgreich mit Sam Bush, Tim Easton oder Quicksilver Messenger Service (gibt's also auch wieder; oder noch) die Bühnenbretter teilte, ist die Zeit reif für das Gesellenstück, namens "Itch". Mit einer souverän aufspielenden Backing-Band, singt sich Jenny durch ein breites Spektrum dessen was man Americana bezeichnet.

"Durch ihre soulige-bluesige Stimme, bekommt aber selbst ein old-fashioned Country-Waltz wie "I wanna be rich" das gewisse Mississippi-Feeling, "Tijuana Waltz" ist eine schöne, Akkordeon-begleitete TexMex Ballade, "If I had wings" ein Song, der auczu Emmylou Harris passen würde, und beim Rest handelt es sich um urwüchsige Country-Stomper, die sie ihrer "schwarzen" Stimme förmlich auf den Leib geschrieben hat. Prüfung mit befriedigend bestanden würde ich mal so urteilen."

- Frank Wienand

It's Only Rock

"The majority of current country rock artists are, admittedly, formatted for business, notably that of Music City. To unearth an attractive disc that is notr 'Easy Listening' is often a game of chance or hide-and-seek. Here's one to be discovered: 'Itch.' It's a woman, a singer, but also guitarist, banjoist, harmoniciste, named Jenny Kerr. She hails from California where her influences are paradoxical enough to make note of them; she names Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Taj Mahal, Ry Cooder et Dock Boggs among them, nothing that would make one think a priori of country. And yet, faithful to the genre, borrowing from traditional country as well as blues, and on thr raging riffs of guitarist Phil Milner, and modern rock, Jenny sprinkles her songs with a style of country that is nice, modern, lively and varied, from a Chicano waltz, 'Tijuana Waltz' to a rough rock tune, 'Itch' or 'Pony', to a blues rock, 'Mississippi Delta' to a country swing ballad, 'I Wanna be Rich,' or even the folk mountain ballad, 'If I Had Wings' to a up-tempo bluegrass number. All of these configurations are there and the whole is well-honed and of fine quality. No doubt that what we have here is a new talent that will make itself known without a doubt on this side of the Atlantic. Besides, Jenny was greatly appreciated in the summer at the Country rendez-Vous of Craponne: proof positive that this first disc is a winner if you like country rock.”

"La plupart des artistes de country rock actuel sont, il faut bien l'avouer, très formatés par le business, notamment celui de la Music City. Débusquer un disque attractif,qui ne soit pas 'Easy Listening', relève souvent du hasard, ou du jeu de piste. En voici un qu'il faut découvrir : 'Itch'. C'est celui d'une femme, une chanteuse, mais aussi guitariste, banjoïste et harmoniciste, nommée Jenny Kerr. Elle vient de Californie et ses influences sont assez paradoxales pour qu'on les souligne, puisque elles se nomment Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Taj Mahal, Ry Cooder et Dock Boggs, rien qui puisse à priori faire penser à de la country. Et pourtant : fidèle au style, très emprunt de country traditionnelle mais aussi de Blues, et sur fond de riffs rageurs menés par le guitariste Phil Milner, et de rock contemporain, Jenny Kerr saupoudre ses chansons d'une country très agréable, moderne, vivante et variée, passant d'une valse chicano 'Tijuana Walz', à un rock rugueux, 'Itch ou 'Pony', d'un rock blues, 'Mississippi Delta', à une ballade country swing, 'I Wanna Be Rich', ou bien d'un folk montagnard, 'If I had Wings' à un bluegrass enlevé. Toutes les configurations sont là et l'ensemble est bien charpenté et de qualité. Pas de doute on a là un nouveau talent qui saura, nul doute, se faire connaître de ce côté-ci de l'Atlantique. D' ailleurs cet été Jenny Kerr a su se faire apprécier lors du festival Country Rendez-Vous de Craponne. : dure épreuve s'il en est. Premier disque réussi à déguster si vous aimez les sons rock de la country music."

- Francis Rateau


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