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Country Standard Time

"It has been said in this age of fewer and fewer record companies, as the big names steamroll like Imperialist machines over the landscape of the industry, that independent music is dead. Jenny Kerr is here to tell you otherwise. After years of successful live performances, this San Francisco-based singer, songwriter and musician ups the ante with her second independent release.

"Kerr is a gifted songwriter, bringing in the traditions of blues and honky tonk while retaining a singular voice that is honest and strong. Her songs are personal and universal at once, with anthemic stories told simply and well and a balance between vulnerability and ballsy sass. Though backed by a stellar band, Kerr is skilled with a variety of instruments. It is her voice, however, that marks this release a keeper. Thick and rich as delta soil, honed and powerful, Kerr's voice is an instrument itself, whether making you want to raise the rafters or cry in your beer. Who needs a major label?"

- Tamara Bunnell

Blues Revue

"The Jenny Kerr Band neatly straddles a range of musical Americana. The extended-play single Itch (JennyCo 1061) crisscrosses rock clubs, dusty cantinas and juke joints as it homes in on stone country. Kerr's heart seems to be in the amphetamine honky-tonk of "When I Get Home" and "Clear a Path," which lets her show off her chops on banjo, guitar and harp; the other players, including guitarist Phil Milner, are tuff, too (a special shout-out to fellow 'Blues Bites' maven, upright bass player Ed Ivey). All the songs come from Kerr, save a down-home reading of Bobbie Gentry's 'Mississippi Delta'."

Hootenanny Holler

"Move over and make room for The Jenny Kerr Band, cause she is going to rock your world, in a folksy kind of way, (not to scare you off). Hard driving multi-instrumentalist lays down powerful blues-laced country, swamp and roadhouse rock. Rich musical blend of acoustic banjo, harmonica, fiddle and piano. The twang of pedal steel and drums keep the tempo lively. This is a hard working good time band that deserves to hit the tops of the charts. One can only imagine that a live performance would be electrifying."

- Steve Scott

Country Music Plus (Ireland)

"Lusty vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jenny Kerr from San Francisco has no doubt made a habit of pleasing crowds wherever she performs. She’s got a powerful soulfulness in her special brand of Americana, ala blues-rockers Janis Joplin and Delbert McClinton. This CD runs the musical gamut from blues-drenched rockers to tasty acoustic ballads with each a stunning showcase for her mesmerizing voice. Plus, Jenny seems adept at any instrument she takes on including guitar, banjo, harmonica, piano and dobro. The eight–track collection features seven Kerr originals and a steamy version of Bobbie Gentry’s 'Mississippi Delta.' Her band is a perfect fit with Phil 'Philbille' Milner on guitar & vocals, Marisa Martinez on fiddle & vocals, Kenny Green on drums and Charles Gasper on bass & vocals. Standout tracks: the poignant, acoustic ballad 'If I Had Wings,' the driving up-tempo 'Clear A Path,' 'Tijuana Waltz,' and the title track."

- Martha Moore

Americana UK

"Self produced debut album and on her own label too, Jenny and her band side-step the 'alt.' and head straight for the country. Based in San Francisco, they have toured extensively since forming in 1998 and this is an attempt to capture the energy of the live show, for which they have received rave reviews, on record. Jenny wrote all the songs here, except for a cover of Bobbie Gentry’s 'Mississippi Delta'. 'Clear A Path' thunders along, held together by fantastic harmonica from Jenny and she’s no mean picker of a banjo either, leading the band home on the closing 'When I Get Home'. Best track here, though, is the lovely country ballad 'If I Had Wings'.

"It sounds like a standard in the making with a haunting vocal from Jenny that hovers over pedal steel and fiddle from Dave Zirbel and Marisa Martinez respectively to create a real classic. As talented as the band are here, it’s Jenny’s powerful, husky voice that really makes this album. Albeit very brief, (under 30 minutes) it sounds like they had fun making it and it’s certainly fun to listen to. So if you like your country straight, with a little honky-tonk and a touch of blues, you won’t go far wrong here."

- Paul Bronks

"Folk Fury" KTEP, El Paso

"I can honestly say that Itch by the Jenny Kerr band is non-stop enjoyment from front to back. The multi-talented instrumentalist, Jenny Kerr, also possesses a powerful blues-drenched vocal quality that only takes a back seat to her songwriting abilities. The band is a high energy outfit with a honky-tonk type attitude that can play any genre from rock to Tex-Mex, sometimes even in the same song. Every song on Itch is pure pedigree, there ain't a stray dog in the pack."

- Dan Alloway


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