Jenny Kerr's Kapitalist Korner

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Shipping: $2.00 for disks, $5.00 for shirts. Add $5.00 per order for international orders.

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Jenny Kerr Head of Fire

Head of Fire

This is the new stuff.


Jenny Kerr Wood And Steel

Wood & Steel

All new. All acoustic. All good.


Jenny Kerr Wood And Steel

Extra Strength


New and improved with added
tracks, re-mixed and re-mastered
for your dining and dancing pleasure.


Jenny Kerr New T-Shirt

Just say Meow! In all the usual sizes. Please specify short sleeve or spaghetti strap.


Jenny Kerr Western Shirt

One-of-a-kind rootin' tootin' Western shirts, sizes S, M, L and XL.


Jenny Kerr Bolos

Bolos: genuine leather, glass and brass! Specify Grumpy Cat, Banjo Cat or Banjo Mona.


Jenny Kerr Pendant

Pendants: antiqued brass and glass. Specify Princess Kitty, Grumpy Cat, Banjo Cat or Banjo Mona.


Jenny Kerr Ring

Rings: adjustable-size rings made from antiqued brass and glass.


Jenny Kerr Pins

Pins: glass-dome and brass pins for your lapel, chapeau, or messenger bag. Specify Grumpy Cat, Princess Cat, Banjo Cat, Banjo Dob or Banjo Mona (not pictured).


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